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An introduction to participatory monitoring and evaluation: the missing link between inquiry and impact

In this article, we are looking at participatory M&E more closely. We will see how it challenges us to think differently about power, knowledge, and the role of practitioners and affected populations in M&E. We will also consider when we might use participatory approaches in the M&E cycle. We will explore participatory M&E in terms of its benefits and its relationship to human rights, and look at some of the challenges we might face in using participatory approaches.

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Eight reasons to switch from Excel to web-based partner reporting

Despite being a powerful tool when analyzing data, spreadsheets have not been built to hold large amounts of data. That is why a more robust system designed for this purpose can benefit an organization working on complex data requirements. With this article we take a look at how ActivityInfo can help you tackle information management challenges and spreadsheet nightmare scenarios in 2023.

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Multi-partner reporting with UNOCHA Iraq: from standardized forms to an innovative dynamic dashboard

Every year, UNOCHA in Iraq shares the Iraq Humanitarian Dashboard, a dynamic dashboard that presents an overview of the Humanitarian Response in the country. From year to year the Humanitarian Dashboard is evolving using innovative techniques, leveraging the possibilities of the ActivityInfo API. In this article, we take a look at the new developments in the 2020 Iraq Humanitarian Dashboard.

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Transforming COVID-19 data management in Afghanistan

The fast developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic have created brand-new data management needs worldwide. The amount of data coming in from various sources and the pressure for daily, updated numbers and reports create an additional challenge both for the reporting sides and for the governments that collect these data. In this blog post we explore the adoption of ActivityInfo as a data management platform for monitoring the COVID-19 response in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as a result of the partnership between the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat Afghanistan (AKAH,A) and the Ministry of Public Health in the country.

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ActivityInfo as your Monitoring and Evaluation software

Having a monitoring and evaluation software in place is becoming an important component, if not a prerequisite, for the success of a project or a programme. The work of a monitoring and evaluation officer is simplified when an online system is used to centralize and standardize indicators and data colllection processes. In ActivityInfo, we provide database templates that can be adapted to your needs quickly and easily whether you plan to monitor programmes within your organization or you intend to cooperate with other partner organizations.

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Quick, easy and interactive indicators guidance for new staff and partners: the 3RP Guidance Notes by the IMWG in Turkey

In this blog post we take a look at an interactive tool designed by the Information Management Working Group in Turkey which makes partner training and the provision of indicator guidance to new agencies and staff easier and quicker. We spoke with Mr. Levent Eksi, Associate Information Management Officer in UNHCR who explained to us why the IMWG decided to create this tool and how it has improved their work, the partners cooperation and the indicators quality.

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The use of ActivityInfo in the Ebola Response by UNICEF in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In November 2018, UNICEF in the Democratic Republic of the Congo started using the software for monitoring activities related to the Ebola Response. We spoke with Mr. Ambroise Brou, Information Management Specialist for the Emergency situation in UNICEF DRC and Mr. Patrice Fillon, Information Management Specialist in the Ebola Response in UNICEF DRC who explained to us how ActivityInfo is used today by the organization and in particular in the Ebola Response.

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