ActivityInfo for WASH activities reporting and partners’ coordination

ActivityInfo has been used to facilitate information management and data collection in Humanitarian Response for more than a decade in all the phases of Programme Cycles. From a solution to the reporting requirements of UNICEF during the DRC Emergency Response in 2009 ActivityInfo has become a platform used to monitor sector and cluster activities and interventions around the world. Organizations use the platform to monitor Partner’s presence and response activities, KPIs, 4Ws and 5Ws and many more. This gives them the capability to observe progress, learn and adapt to trends and external factors and tell a comprehensive story to the world about the impact of their work.

Why should I use ActivityInfo to coordinate and monitor reporting on WASH activities?

ActivityInfo is a platform that has been developed to serve the humanitarian sector. It is not a generic database tool; on the contrary it offers specific, specialized features and capabilities tailored to the needs of cluster IMOs and coordinators such as flexible form and database design, an easy to use data entry interface, advanced user permissions, integrations and offline and mobile data collection capabilities. In addition, as we want to help you get started quickly and on your own we provide you with database templates. Such templates include a household-level survey for key WASH indicators database, a Who's doing what where (3W) database and more.

By bringing together the data of WASH activities under one, web-based roof, coordination becomes easier, reporting more consistent and you ensure that you capture timely, harmonized, quality data which can be quickly explored to reach conclusions and assist decision making. Also, as ActivityInfo is a cloud-based platform offered as a Software as a Service by our team, you don’t need to worry about maintaining servers and developing features. Instead, you can focus your time and resources on your team and work. Finally, you can always count on our experienced team’s quick response to your questions.

Who uses ActivityInfo for WASH activities and how?

ActivityInfo is a platform listed as an activity reporting tool by the Global WASH Cluster (GWC).

You can also take some ideas of how ActivityInfo can be used for WASH activities from the following examples:

WASH Cluster in Iraq

During the COVID-19 Iraq Response, the WASH Cluster developed innovative ways to monitor the response, including the joint Health, CCCM and WASH Cluster ActivityInfo mapping and the WASH Cluster camp and informal settlement hygiene kit distribution tracker. Read more in the report “Iraq: WASH Cluster COVID-19 Lessons Learned” published by the WASH Cluster and Mercy Corps in March 2021. In the country, ActivityInfo helps standardize the reporting format for partners reporting to the national level information management officer for the WASH Cluster.

WASH Cluster in Yemen

ActivityInfo is used as a WASH Cluster reporting tool in Yemen too.

WASH Sector in Lebanon

ActivityInfo is also used for the coordination of the WASH Sector information management in Lebanon.


Multiple partner organizations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been collaborating on a WASH database in ActivityInfo since November 2018. The partners report on indicators regarding a variety of WASH activities taking place close to areas affected by EVD cases. Read more about the WASH database designed by UNICEF in the DRC.

How can I procure ActivityInfo for the WASH Cluster?

ActivityInfo has a Global Frame Agreement in place with UNHCR and we are happy to extend the terms of the Frame Agreement to the UN Secretariat and to UN Technical Agencies. In most cases, other UN Agencies can use the terms of the Frame Agreement to procure ActivityInfo through a streamlined process. Similar to a Long Term Agreement (LTA), it allows offices to directly raise a Purchase Order for a customized Subscription Plan to ActivityInfo. This makes the procurement process simpler and quicker.

Please keep in mind that the organization you are working with may already have an active subscription with ActivityInfo that you can use directly, so make sure to check with the Global Cluster lead. If you are added to that plan, you will be able to use ActivityInfo without purchasing your own subscription plan. Note that the overall cost of a subscription plan is related to the total number of users under that plan.

What should I do next?

If you wish to use ActivityInfo to coordinate reporting for your activities you can already try it out with a Free Trial using one of the readily-available database templates. You can also master the basics of information management with ActivityInfo following our self-paced online course anytime.

If you prefer a personalized demonstration of ActivityInfo, please contact us.

For a quick overview of this information please download this document.