We offer a range of subscription plans to suit everyone from small teams to large organizations.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
€4800 per year €9000 per year €15000 per year
Number of users 75 150 1000
Technical contacts 1 1 2
Implementation SaaS
or Self-managed Server
or Self-managed Server
or Self-managed Server
Unlimited use
Interested in the ActivityInfo Self-managed Server? Learn more!
All plans include
  • SLA with 99.5% uptime (SaaS only)
  • Fast support by email or Skype


We offer guided on-boarding to ensure a successful implementation. Over the course of the first few weeks, we'll schedule a number of short video calls with you and your team to share best practices for deployment, give you feedback on your set up, and answer any technical questions.

Technical support

After on-boarding is complete, each plan includes on-going support for one or more named "technical contacts". These individuals are always entitled to contact us with questions, problems via our email help desk. You can change who serves as a technical contact at any time.

User limits

All users who are given access to your database are counted towards the user limit, including those who have view only rights.

Unlimited databases and forms

You can create any number of "databases" on the system, and up to 500 forms in each database. There are no per project fees.

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

If we invoice an entity based in the Netherlands, we must invoice an additional 21% Dutch VAT. If we invoice an entity based in the EU, you will need to provide a EU VAT Number, or we will also need to add VAT. If your organization is based outside of the EU, there are no additional taxes.

Get started on your own, or with help

Get full access to ActivityInfo right now with a free trial. Prefer to have someone from our team walk you through the first steps, or have questions about whether ActivityInfo can help with your work? No problem, schedule an introductory 30 minute call with a specialist at no cost.

Purchasing ActivityInfo

Depending on your organization's procurement processes, there are three options for purchasing an annual subscription, using a Purchase Order (PO), a Service Contract, or Credit Card.

Please note that payment for annual subscriptions is due at the start of the subscription.

Get a no-obligation quote

Purchase order

Send us a Purchase Order (PO) based on the subscription level you prefer. Once we receive the PO, we will start your subscription immediately and send an invoice to your finance department.

Service contract

In place of PO, we can also sign a Service-as-a-Software contract with you. Your subscription begins as soon as we receive a signed contract, and we'll invoice you thereafter.

Credit card

Finally, you always have the option of purchasing an annual subscriptions online with a credit card. The monthly subscription plan require a credit card payment.

UN and UN Technical Agencies

ActivityInfo has a Global Frame Agreement in place with UNHCR. Similar to a Long Term Agreement (LTA), UNHCR field offices and programmes can directly raise a Purchase Order under the terms of the agreement, without requiring a new contract.

We are happy to extend the terms of the Frame Agreement we have with UNHCR to the UN Secretariat and to UN Technical Agencies. In most cases, other UN Agencies can use the terms of the Frame Agreement to procure ActivityInfo through a streamlined process.

Storing Personally Identifying Information (PII)

If you are planning on storing personal data in ActivityInfo, and the data or the organization falls under the remit of the European GDPR or comparable national privacy legislation, we can also prepare and sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) which clarifies our commitments to you with regard to the processing of personal data.

Use of the service is subject to our privacy policy and terms of service.