Collect data online, offline, on desktop or mobile devices

Simplify consistent data entry wherever you are with simple web-based forms on an ad-hoc or repetitive basis on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Complete and consistent data collection

Data collection wherever you are

A simple and accessible data entry interface makes data collection easy for all users.

Screenshot of data entry form

Offline data collection

Reach remote areas and settings where internet connectivity is limited. Sync your data whenever you are connected to the internet again.

Screenshot of a database available offline

Mobile data collection

Reduce time spent on data transfers and the consequent friction in the data collection process with ActivityInfo's app for mobile data collection.

Screenshot of mobile app forms list

User-friendly data entry page

Descriptions, section headers, calendars and selection fields make data entry easier for everyone. Non-technical users can easily navigate from one section or question to another and from forms to subforms.

Screenshot of a data collection form.

Recurring data collection with subforms

Collect data on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Save time by reporting for the same record multiple times using subforms.

Follow the workflow of your cases

Document every stage of an activity or a case and apply changes as it progresses. Use subforms for every stage and keep all information in one place.

Location-based data collection

Link records to a common administrative hierarchy so that results can later be analyzed geographically. Map records with GPS coordinates or choose a location from the built-in geodatabase.

Combine all your data

Import data from spreadsheets in minutes

Import large quantities of data with a powerful importer in simple, easy steps. Harmonize quickly all information according to your form structure.

Screenshot of importing records

Cascading lists

Create cascading lists to guide users through a wide selection of possible answers. Narrow down answers using reference data and other forms.

Screenshot of Cascading list

User-centered data entry process

Users can add data in their language and work in one of the available languages of the platform. With relevance rules users only see questions relevant to them. With input masks users get information about the format of their answer.

Screenshot of data entry form in Spanish

Warnings for a guided process

Users will get a warning when reporting for a locked time period, when their answer is not following a validation rule, when they miss a required field or when they add duplicate entries.

Screenshot of data entry form warnings

Scan for duplicate records

Scan records to identify duplicates for exact or slightly fuzzy matching records.

Screenshot of record deduplication
Monitor data entry in real-time

Complete overview of data entry and data access

View records, their history and details as they are added. Sort and filter records based on your criteria.

Screenshot of the table view page and history details

Exporting options

Print individual records. Export multiple records any time you need to. Use the API to quickly query using R or to query JSON using a URL to work on other visualization software or spreadsheets.

Serial numbers for anonymized records

With Serial numbers each record can be anonymized. Serial numbers are automatically assigned by ActivityInfo, so data entry colleagues don’t need to do anything.

Audit trail and record details

Get a complete overview of all the actions related to a record. Review changes and deletions. Recover deleted records.

User management

Refined user management for simple or complex team structures

Control users' access and actions up to the last detail. Design powerful roles and fine-grain access with parameters and conditions on your own.

Learn more about user management in ActivityInfo