Control users access and actions up to the last detail

Assign ready-made roles to users or fine-grain their access selecting from a wide range of advanced permissions.

  1. Invite a user
  2. Assign role
  3. Assign sources
Control user access

Refined user management for simple or complex team structures

Reflect the hierarchies in your organizations and partnerships with respective permissions.

Screenshot of user management section

We handle invitations

Invite as many users per database as you need, leave email invitations to us.

Screenshot of invitation to a database


Assign ready made roles to your team and partner organizations or create your own roles.

Screenshot of user roles

Group users

Create teams of users under a partner organization or a supervisor.

Screenshot of user groups

Refine permissions

Grant or remove additional permissions for individual users. Control form design, user management, data entry actions, data exports, reports sharing and publishing and much more.

Access at the level required

Offer different types of access to specific databases, folders and forms.

Overview of all actions

Get an instant overview of all users, invitation status, their roles and assigned resources. Review all actions in your databases with audit logs.

Report designer

Take informed decisions and respond timely in critical situations based on real-time data

Learn more about the report designer in ActivityInfo