We’re here to help you get set up for success

Our onboarding packages are designed for new customers looking to accelerate their deployment of ActivityInfo.

Our team of implementation specialists combine in-depth product knowledge and domain expertise to help you design, build, and launch a database that is fit for your specific needs.

Feel confident with your system

Quick overview of the onboarding packages

Explore the ActivityInfo onboarding packages in less than 2 minutes!

How it works

Guided configuration

You will take the lead in building your database and our team of implementation experts will walk you through the design process in a series of guided configuration sessions where we provide instruction, resources, and advice to help you create a system that works for your needs.


  • How to design an optimal data model that effectively connects all of your data


  • How to best leverage ActivityInfo features to create a functional system


  • How to successfully launch your system to drive sustainable adoption
From kick-off to adoption

Four collaborative phases to ensure long-term success

Project plan including kick-off, design, launch and adoption phases.

What to expect

We will work together on a comprehensive Information System design process:

  1. Data modelling
  2. Form configuration
  3. Role configuration
  4. Testing
  5. Data migration
  6. Report configuration
  7. Integration
  8. Pre-launch review
How we’ll work together

Keeping track

You will get access to an exclusive onboarding platform where we will be tracking our progress.

Image of the onboarding platform


If you want to learn more about how the onboarding process works and how we can help you get set up with ActivityInfo, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.