Analyze, visualize and share results

Analyze and display real-time data in pivot tables, charts and maps. Combine reports in notebooks. Share your progress internally or publish impact reports for the world to see.

  1. Select your data sources
  2. Analyze the data
  3. Share the results
Real-time developments at a glance

High level or detailed overview of activities

Combine and analyze data to showcase the progress of your results framework or programme activities. All reports are automatically updated when data is updated or added.

Screenshot of a map report


Combine visualizations and tables to get quick insights and support decision-making.

Screenshot of Dashboard


Combine analyses together in comprehensive reports for a complete overview of your progress.

Screenshot of Notebook

Pivot tables

Use powerful pivot tables for simple or advanced analysis. Analyze data collected in one or multiple forms. Quickly get percentages, totals, blank values. View statistics such as sum, average, count, count distinct, median, mid and max.

Screenshot of pivot table


Map data related to geographical points or connected to the built-in geodatabase in user-friendly maps.

Screenshot of Mapping

Advanced data analysis

Analyze data further with calculated fields and formulas. Use calculated tables to combine multiple data.

Formula editor

Work comfortably when creating advanced reports, with simple or advanced formulas using the powerful Formula editor.

Bar Charts

Visualize data in bar charts. Use different dimensions such as the province, month, partner to get quick insights.

Screenshot of a bar chart report

Line Charts

Visualize data in line charts. Explore the progress of your activities through time.

Screenshot of a line chart report

Publish reports

Publish your reports and make them available to anyone online. Embed reports on your website or get a webpage that anyone can access.

Share reports internally

Add your reports in databases and create a single source of information for your organization. Control who views reports with permissions based on the users’ roles and resource access.


Integrations for more advanced analysis

For a more extensive selection of analysis and visualization options, ActivityInfo can be connected to external software such as Tableau and PowerBI or ArcGIS and QGIS in minutes and without any technical experience.

Learn more about integrations in ActivityInfo