App for data collection on mobile devices

Empower enumerators with user-friendly data entry.

Reduce error from moving data across systems thanks to two-way synchronization.

Work with large reference datasets, barcodes and geodata.

Review data in real-time in the field or in the office and reach insights within minutes –all in one comprehensive system.

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All your data in one place

One system for mobile data collection, reporting and analysis

Simplify data entry in the field

  • Collect indicators, narratives, signatures, attachments, GPS coordinates and more with forms you design exactly as you need.
  • Collect data anywhere in the field even without an internet connection –data is automatically synced to your database once internet connectivity is restored.
  • Combine forms, use large reference data sets and bring in lists of cascading options from multiple data points.

Manage data, control access and track progress

  • Review and analyze data as it is collected in the field or in the office.
  • Avoid time-consuming, error-prone data transfers.
  • Keep data secure with advanced user permissions and roles.
  • Combine information and align survey results with the rest of your programme’s data.
  • Work with large quantities of records and multiple references.

Support full case management

  • Invite users, assign roles, and cases.
  • Review case information during follow-up visits, even when offline.
  • Keep track of your team's actions and monitor the details of cases.
How is ActivityInfo different from other mobile data collection tools?

Go beyond one-way mobile data collection

The ActivityInfo app for mobile data collection is fully integrated with the ActivityInfo information management platform. Unlike other mobile data collection tools that require additional data systems to import collected data, in ActivityInfo, data is added to your databases and is ready for analysis the moment it's collected.

This reduces time spent on data entry and data transfers and the consequent friction in the data collection process. Then, using the ActivityInfo platform you can manage complex sets of datasets and preserve the relationships between key data points in your data collection forms.

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Collect data online or offline

Work online or reach remote areas and settings where internet connectivity is limited. Sync your data whenever you are connected to the internet again..

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Use drop-downs and cascading options

Create a cascading effect to guide users through a wide selection of possible answers. Narrow down answers using reference data and other forms.

Screenshot of mobile app showing a cascading list of options

Run surveys wherever you are

Use the mobile app to measure impact or for other types of surveys while keeping survey data linked to beneficiaries.

Screenshot of mobile app showing a survey

Two-way synchronization

Data are replicated equally on the mobile device and centralized databases. Ensure data is synced and avoid loop updates or duplicate records.


Identify records quickly from printed barcodes.

Screenshot of of barcode in data entry

XLS form import

Import XLS forms and get started faster.

Screenshot of import XLS button

Collect images, signatures and documents

Collect attachments or take pictures directly with the camera of your mobile device. Respondents can draw their signatures directly on the screen.

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Introduction to the ActivityInfo mobile data collection app

Learn how to design forms for data collection, scan barcodes, manage cases, import XLSForms and more.

One single tool for mobile data collection and information management

KnK in Pakistan
Using ActivityInfo
2022 — Today
Reasons for choosing ActivityInfo
  • Offline mobile data collection
  • Improve transparency and efficiency
  • Review collected data in real time
  • Design forms easily
  • Reduce operational costs
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“We are very glad that ActivityInfo has made our work easier. In Pakistan, the M&E department is often a really small unit with one or two people working and mostly, we are busy collecting data from the field. Now, with ActivityInfo, we actually have time to look at the data, make decisions in a timely manner and improve our project.”

Salma Yaqoob, M&E Program Director, KnK in Pakistan
Mobile data collection