Adding an Attachment field for images, documents and signatures

The following section describes how to add an Attachment field when designing a Form. The Attachment field allows users to add any type of file or multiple files when they are adding Records to a Form or Subform or to draw their signature.

  • Maximum attachment size:  10 MB
  • Maximum number of attachments per field: 20 attachments
  • Attachments can't be Key fields.

Master the feature by completing the guide "Creating an inventory of qualitative content in an ActivityInfo database".

How to add an Attachment field

  • In the Form Design page,  click on "Attachments" to select the field from the Fields palette.

Fill in the Properties of the Attachment field by providing:

  • Label: type the question or the label for which the user needs to provide an attachment
  • Description: optionally provide a description
  • Code: optionally provide a code
  • Select which attachment type users should attach during data entry. 
  • The attachment type can be a file, a camera image and a signature. Tick to select the attachment type.

In the Settings check the boxes you want to apply for the field.

  • Click on "Done" to add the field.
  • The Attachment field has been added to the Form.
  • When you finish adding fields, click on "Save" to save the Form.
  • Users will be able to add an attachment to the Attachment field when they are adding Records or draw their signatures depending on the upload type chosen during form design.