Hide from entry

By default, all fields are shown in the Data Entry Form. You can hide certain fields from Data Entry by selecting “Hide from entry” in the Form Designer.


In the form designer, check “Hide from entry”


Data entry form

When you have checked “Hide from Entry” for a field, in will no longer appear in the Data Entry form.


Hiding a field from entry has no effect on importing records. Users can match an imported column to a field hidden from entry.


A field hidden from entry cannot be required.

A field hidden from entry can retain validation rules. When editing a record with an existing value that violates the validation rule of a field hidden from view, the user will not be prevented from saving the record with the (hidden) invalid field value.


You can add a calculated field to a form that is useful for analysis, but not relevant during data entry.

If you have a field that is no longer relevant, but you still wish to retain the data previously collected, you can hide it from entry without loosing the data.

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