Cash and Voucher Assistance data management software

Use a no code relational database to improve data quality, fraud detection and decision making.

Collect clean, validated data from the start and improve cash transfer programing.

Centralize reporting, improve collaboration and keep a trail of your work.

All your data in one place

One software, multiple solutions

Work with beneficiary and market data, track recurring payments, run surveys, FCRMs and needs assessments using desktop or mobile devices.

Combine cash transfer data with case management capabilities for a complete picture of each beneficiary or with other sector data for a complete multisectoral overview.

Centralize data from existing systems into a single database, analyze it in the system or use integrations.

How does ActivityInfo support your CVA information management needs?

Quick to deploy, secure CVA system for centralized, quality data

Deploy quickly the CVA system you need

  • Without coding, create and change relational databases, forms and reports on your own, whenever needed.
  • Combine data from different projects, countries, regions to get a global level overview.
  • Prevent duplicates and detect fraud with advanced form design settings and rules.
  • Collect data online or offline.
  • Import and validate large volumes of harmonized data quickly.
  • Create customized reports, dashboards and advanced pivot tables.

Complete and fine-grained control over who can access what

  • Invite users, assign roles, cases or households.
  • Set rules with conditions for users to be able to view, add, edit or delete records.
  • Use an audit log to review users' actions and record changes.
  • Restore deleted data on your own.

Combined with case management and beneficiary tracking

  • Register and track beneficiaries and households.
  • Get insights to complex situations with powerful pivot tables.
  • Gather all cases associated with a beneficiary in one place.
  • Create reports for KPIs related to case management.
  • Get insights to complex situations with powerful pivot tables.
Quick & easy setup

Get up and running within a week with our SaaS version

Get started right away without the help of a technical consultant to set up and configure the system. Sign up, log in and you are ready to go!

Save time and leave software development, security and updates to us.

Quick training for your case workers thanks to an intuitive data entry interface.

Get customer support from our expert team or request consulting services for more specialized case management solutions.

Data security

Feel confident with your system

SaaS version: Secured using world-class data centers

  • Our company is ISO 27001 certified. This is the internationally recognized Information Security Management standard which requires that organizations assess information security risks, put in place robust security controls and processes, and embed information security management across the organization.
  • Data is securely hosted in Google’s world-class secure data centers, located in Europe.
  • Google’s Cloud Platform, where ActivityInfo is hosted, meets the ISO 27001:2005, a comprehensive international security certification which is verified by an external auditor and checked regularly thereafter.

Self-managed Server: ActivityInfo's capabilities on your own server or cloud account

  • Install ActivityInfo on premise on Windows or Linux or on your own cloud account.
  • Run ActivityInfo on a network not accessible via the public internet, including air-gapped networks.
Supporting the potential of humanitarian CVA

Member of the CALP Network

ActivityInfo is sharing the vision of the CALP Network: transforming the humanitarian system via maximizing the potential of humanitarian cash and voucher assistance.

Through our collaboration, we aim to enhance each other's vision and mission providing the means to simplify information management for humanitarians worldwide to help them achieve a stronger impact with their data.

Wish to see use cases in action?

Watch how other organizations use ActivityInfo for CVA

Explore information systems by the AVSI Foundation in Lebanon and the Cash Consortium of Yemen!

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