We are committed to ensuring that all our customers are successful in their deployment of our software.

We’ll help you get set up to make sure that you’ll be getting the most out of your implementation.

Choose from our standard packages or talk to us about a custom package that will meet your specific needs.

Basic Standard Pro
€1000 €2250 €4000
Hours 10 25 50
Use cases 1-2 3-4 5+
Forms to configure Up to 5 6-19 20+
Training support needed Minimal Moderate Extensive
Data migration needed - Moderate Extensive
Other - -
  • - Significant custom role configuration
  • - 3rd party integration support needed
All plans include:
  • Dedicated Implementation Specialist
  • Access to Customer Support Team
  • Project management
  • Configuration support
No two onboarding journeys are exactly the same

What happens during Onboarding?

We will work with you to develop an onboarding plan that will meet your unique needs. Your custom onboarding plan will include a combination of sessions, training and configuration support, and will be led by a dedicated implementation specialist.

While your onboarding journey will be unique to you, below is what a typical onboarding journey will look like for most of our customers, along with the kinds of support that we provide.

Screenshot of a typical onboarding process


If you want to learn more about how the onboarding process works and how we can help you get set up with ActivityInfo, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.