ActivityInfo is proud to work with the UN, NGOs, and governments in 70+ countries. Here are a few of our customers.

Girl Child Rights is a non-profit organization based in Mozambique that is dedicated to promoting and safeguarding the rights of girls in the country.

“Girls Child Rights is highly satisfied with ActivityInfo, as it has significantly improved its data management efficiency and overall program effectiveness. The platform's user-friendly interface and robust functionalities have simplified their data collection processes and provided them with valuable insights to inform evidence-based decision-making.” — Domingos Jose, Data Analyst, Girl Child Rights


The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) is a specialized Centre of Excellence of the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) with a public mandate to promote regional renewable energy and energy efficiency markets.

Having finalized its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) has set up its strategic results framework in ActivityInfo. The agency will use the tool to track indicators measuring progress toward achieving its strategic and project-level outcomes and outputs. ActivityInfo will also enable ECREEE to map renewable energy facilities installed across the ECOWAS Member States as part of the agency’s interventions.

‟ActivityInfo is very user-friendly, and the team behind the service is collaborative and resourceful.” — Collins Osae, M&E Expert


Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK, Children without Borders) is a non-governmental humanitarian association based in Tokyo, Japan that aims at supporting underprivileged children and youths in the world.

KnK Japan has been using ActivityInfo to monitor all project activities in the organization so as to improve efficiency and transparency. The organization uses the platform for household surveys, data verification, monitoring and analysis. Recently, the platform has been put in use to monitor the flood response project in Pakistan. Thanks to the platform and the mobile app, the organization replaced paper-based systems and integrated data from implementing partners in one place. This results in effective communication, coordination and monitoring or project activities which was a challenge before.

“We are very glad that ActivityInfo has made our work easier. In Pakistan, the M&E department is often a really small unit with one or two people working and mostly, we are busy collecting data from the field. Now, with ActivityInfo, we actually have time to look at the data, make decisions in a timely manner and improve our project.” — Salma Yaqoob, M&E Program Director

Case study
Paper to Mobile Data Collection - KnK in Pakistan improves efficiency and transparency by combining the ActivityInfo mobile app and platform

Adyan is a foundation in Lebanon established with the aim of managing diversity, promoting solidarity, and safeguarding human dignity. Adyan seeks to contribute to preventing and countering violent extremism and advancing freedom of religion and belief through solutions in education, research, policy-making, media, and community engagement networks.

Adyan uses ActivityInfo to track the status of its projects, to collect and index Stories of Change, and to track their overall impact quantitatively.

The AVSI Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization born in Cesena, Italy in 1972, and engaged in more than 200 development cooperation projects in 38 countries.

In the AVSI Foundation, several country offices are using ActivityInfo for their monitoring and evaluation activities. The M&E teams track key indicators for multiple projects, from project outputs all the way up to the strategic goals of the country programmes and use ActivityInfo to centralize reporting and measure progress towards them. This is a cost-effective alternative to the multiple different systems used by the different projects. It can reduce the cost and the time spent in designing and maintaining multiple separate systems to support information management at the project level.

“The beauty with ActivityInfo is that it is really simplified, to the point that you don’t need any technical capacity to be able to understand it. When we saw that the system was user-friendly and easy to use, and that so many different projects were reporting in it, it kind of related to our vision for setting up a MIS system for the AVSI Foundation in Uganda that would accommodate all project activities.” — John Paul Nyeko, M&E advisor, Uganda

“Our main cash modality in Lebanon is cash for work (conditional, unrestricted). Adopting ActivityInfo for the monitoring of the cash helped us overcome many operational challenges: we now have a real-time monitoring of the field activities, we significantly improved the data safety and protection, and drastically reduce payment delays.” — Filippo Porcari, MEAL Manager, Lebanon

Case study
From strategic to project level data, the AVSI Foundation in Uganda elevates evidence-based M&E with a centralized MIS platform

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a private Danish humanitarian nonprofit organization, founded in 1956. It serves as an umbrella organization for 33 member organizations.

Danish Refugee Council has deployed ActivityInfo for a number of country offices, including for case management for their work in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh. Case workers use tablets with a local copy of the database while working in the camps, which synchronize automatically when back in range of WiFi or 3G/4G.

“One of the great things about ActivityInfo for me was that it was easy to maintain. It was very quick to set up and start using. The time from the day you decide to start using it to actually start data collection is very short. Another reason is that you don’t need to have a technical expert, like a developer in-house to actually start creating more databases or do modifications.” — Neda Sepehrnoush, Information Management Manager

Case study
Case Management for the Rohingya Crisis - The use of ActivityInfo by the Danish Refugee Council in Bangladesh

ACDI/VOCA is an international development nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., United States, that fosters broad-based economic growth, increased living standards, and community development.

ACDI/VOCA embarked on an ambitious project in 2020 to replace a constellation of tools for M&E with ActivityInfo, a single platform for data collection, management and analysis. Following a successful pilot, ACDI/VOCA continues to expand their use of ActivityInfo to projects in 60+ countries, managing the details of hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries.

“When we did our initial assessment of the different data collection and storage platforms available ActivityInfo was one of the few platforms that provided the relational database schema, easy traceability and navigation of raw data for internal and external data quality audits, and allowed for customization of database forms and fields as well as a range of user permissions. It really is unique in this sense. It also assists in mitigating double counting of individuals/organizations that we assist. Then, it was important being able to utilize PowerBI and of course the data collection interface and there is the opportunity to just evolve with the team in developing the platform." — Dr. Jennifer Himmelstein Director of Corporate Analysis

Case study
ACDI/VOCA manages M&E at the global level and supports the success of over 25 project teams with a common MIS platform

Heartland Alliance International (HAI) implements programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and in Chicago at the Marjorie Kovler Center. HAI’s technical areas include mental health and psychosocial support, gender equity, access to justice, and stigma-free HIV prevention, care, and treatment.

Heartland Alliance International uses ActivityInfo for the registration of beneficiaries, project follow-up, transparency and accountability, data visualization, and donor reporting.

“The system allows a detailed registration of the different services and monitoring of each beneficiary, within the framework of the different sectors such as Protection, Health, Housing, Economic Recovery, Food Assistance, and Sanitation.” — Héctor J. Rangel Guerra, MEL, PIMS and Analytics Manager

Case study
Heartland Alliance International is serving varying stakeholder needs with a new centralized MIS approach

WeWorld is an independent organization working in development cooperation and humanitarian aid for over 50 years, active today in 27 countries. WeWorld works in 165 projects, reaching over 10 million direct beneficiaries and 54 million indirect beneficiaries.

WeWorld works in 27 countries, adapting its interventions to the needs of the beneficiary communities, in different contexts, in collaboration with partners and local authorities. The need to develop simple tools that are easily adaptable and shareable with our partners, as well as the need to interconnect all the data collected to be able to generate helpful information for project management, has led us to adopt Activity Info as a tool for collecting and managing information of different indole, from the management of protection cases to tracking students at risk of desertion, passing through monitoring activities or carrying out needs assessments.

“The "no code" or "low code" approach has allowed us to create ad hoc tools for projects in a very short time, according to the emerging needs in the countries, without investing in lengthy processes of building tools that are difficult to contextualise. The flexibility, the ease of access, the off-line use and the interconnection between databases make the tool very attractive for developing complex systems.” — Matteo Zagatti IT&MIS Unit Manager, WeWorld


Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is the international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States.

CRS uses ActivityInfo in Mali to support the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), the result of a collaboration of humanitarian organizations in Mali. Its objective is to contribute to vital humanitarian aid in Mali by improving the efficiency of information sharing between humanitarian actors in sudden onset crises.

The humanitarian architecture in Mali includes numerous national and international NGOs, donors, UN agencies and government technical services that intervene in multiple sectors to respond to the immense and critical humanitarian needs of the population affected by the crises. In this context, it is essential to have an information management system to promote evidence-based planning and coordination among humanitarian actors. To address this need, CRS has developed an information management platform in ActivityInfo that serves as a primary information system for Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) actors and stakeholders in Mali. — Mahamadou Sogoba, Manager MEAL/ICT4D


The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat addresses the threat of natural disasters, working with communities to create safe, sustainable and resilient habitats.

AKAH,A started using ActivityInfo in Afghanistan in 2019 to replace the former paper-based data collection system. Today, 80% of data collection, mostly related to hazard data across a wide geographic range, is managed via the platform. This was characterized as a paradigm shift within the agency. ActivityInfo saves time when dealing with hazard vulnerability risk assessment data which is crucial as geologists, social mobilizers and engineers across all the provinces can provide real-time data to the data processing units within the management department to enable quick decision-making. ActivityInfo was also used for the country-wide COVID-19 Response.

“Everybody saw the value of ActivityInfo and how it serves as an amazing data warehouse and an integrated data management function that links all strategic partners to one platform.” — Shodmon Hojibekov, Chief Executive Officer

Case study
Disaster Risk Management and the COVID-19 Response in Afghanistan by Aga Khan Agency for Habitat Afghanistan

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a United Nations agency mandated to aid and protect refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people, and to assist in their voluntary repatriation, local integration or resettlement to a third country.

Today, ActivityInfo is UNHCR’s standard platform for partner reporting and monitoring. There are plenty of regional and country offices using ActivityInfo to collect response monitoring data and achievements from partner organizations related to the country operations, for sectors' or clusters' activities. Information Management teams –working in Refugee Response Plans from the Syrian Crisis to the Venezuela Crisis and from the Afghan Refugee Crisis to the Response in Ukraine and more– simplify the coordination between stakeholders and sectors/clusters and achieve quality and timely data using the platform. Reporting partners can quickly get trained on a common platform which they can reuse everytime a new reporting requirement comes up and data collection becomes more cost-effective.

“We just need very basic functionalities available in a very short period of time that are ready to use as soon as possible. So those key features are there in ActivityInfo. I can develop a database and then form an API connection to a Power BI dashboard within a day and on the second day I can train somebody I know.” — Vino Raj Ratnaraj, IMO

Case study
How UNHCR in East, Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region serves diverse reporting needs with a unified platform

IREX is a global development and education organization that implements programs that focus on civil society, education, gender, governance, leadership, media, technology, and youth.

IREX uses ActivityInfo to collect key indicators from projects in 30+ countries, simplifying information flow from the country office to HQ. In addition, the use of ActivityInfo is being expanded to provide projects with a robust project-level data collection system that integrates seamlessly with the global results framework.

“We settled on ActivityInfo for our information management system after researching several options. Two important criteria we were using to assess our options included ease of use –we didn’t want it to require coding experience– and wide applicability for different users and use cases. What has been most exciting about the adoption of ActivityInfo is how programs are learning on their own how to adapt it for their needs or to integrate it with other tools and then teaching us something new!” — Charles Guedenet, Senior Technical Advisor for MEL at IREX.

Case study
From global indicators monitoring to strategic evaluation and learning - how a common MIS platform is enabling IREX’s global MEL strategy

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is an agency of the United Nations responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide.

UNICEF's emergency programme in DR Congo was the original home of ActivityInfo in 2009 and since then many country offices have adopted ActivityInfo to collect partner data related to the implementation of various projects in sectors, clusters and RRMs as well as for Monitoring & Evaluation, impact surveys and facility mapping. ActivityInfo improves data quality and facilitates decision-making in multiple cases including but not limited to the Ebola Response in DRC to the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan, the country-wide Rapid Response Mechanism in CAR and the Ukraine's refugee crisis in Romania.

“ActivityInfo changed the reporting mechanism at the beginning of the refugee crisis in the Middle East from aggregating reporting to a unique reporting system. With ActivityInfo you can with just a click, in a second, have a report about activities taking place in an area with a list of partners that are delivering the service in this specific area. From a month of inaccurate results to a couple of minutes of accurate results on one single dashboard.” — Rodolphe Ghossoub, UNICEF Lebanon

Case study
The use of ActivityInfo by UNICEF in Lebanon for the near real-time overview of the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan

Missio Invest provides financing for entrepreneurial development initiatives operated by the Catholic Church.

Missio Invest relies on ActivityInfo to track the repayment and impact of their portfolio of $11 million in loans.

“We reviewed several tools, and chose ActivityInfo for the flexibility it offers us to adapt as we grow as an organization. The interface is intuitive, set-up was straightforward and there are many great features we appreciate in everyday use. The team at BeDataDriven has been incredibly responsive throughout – a selling point in and of itself - making our transition as easy as possible.” — Shirine Pont, Impact measurement and ESG

RefuSHE is the only organization of its kind in Kenya dedicated to responding to the unique protection challenges faced by urban refugee girls and young women. RefuSHE’s distinctive holistic model provides protection, education, and empowerment to refugee girls and young women whose full needs often aren’t met by traditional aid agencies due to their unique vulnerability.

Refushe has been using ActivityInfo for case management of program participants, to track service provision, and to conduct myriad program surveys.


One Earth Future is an implementing partner specializing in sustainable solutions in fragile and conflict-affected settings. The organization works hand-in-hand with communities to eliminate the root causes of war employing creative and inclusive problem-solving to prevent armed conflict and promote stability.

One Earth Future (OEF) selected ActivityInfo as the organization’s central software for monitoring programmatic work. Using project monitoring and evaluation plans and identified indicator data as the basis, OEF has configured forms and tables to be used by field teams to collect data remotely. OEF intends to take advantage of the relational aspect of ActivityInfo to aggregate data across projects to provide cross-cutting geographic and issue area impact reports, as well as attain a broader understanding of the organization’s impact across all programs.

Furthermore, OEF is developing integrations with other applications such as R and Python for analysis and PowerBI and GIS for visualization. OEF has found ActivityInfo to be satisfactory to data tracking requirements, placing significant value on the gains in data quality. OEF intends to use insights derived from data in learning and adaptive management, as well as stakeholder and donor communication.

The International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law (IIJ) is a foundation based in Malta that works collaboratively with practitioners from its core geographic focus on North, West, and East Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia – at the international, regional and national levels – to design and deliver tailored capacity-building with sustainable impact. The IIJ is an indispensable regional hub and resource for criminal justice skills development, supporting practitioners and institutions to address effectively terrorism and transnational crime in compliance with human rights and the rule of law.

The IIJ uses ActivityInfo as an institutional centralised data warehouse which aims to provide the following benefits:

-- Serve IIJ’s mission in terms of accountability and growing demand for transparency and impact showcase.

-- Automate data collection through computer-based questionnaires and canvassing qualitative feedbacks, which are populated to feed the key performance indicators contained in its institutional operational framework that align with its activities’ life cycle.

-- Simplify the complex data aggregation process from multiple sources, ease data monitoring and the preparation of reports through dashboard and data visualisation that enable multiple disaggregation and indicators levels to showcase impact findings and support data-driven decision-making, fund-raising, and donors’ engagement, branding and communication.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger and improve nutrition and food security.

‟FAO in the Syrian Arab Republic developed a Projects Management Information System using the Activity Info flexible platform. The Organization experienced an outstanding support from the team that continuously update the platform to make it a practical and integrated tool for humanitarian work, offering ease of access for FAO staff to get the project information data through a web form in both situations, online and offline, as well as the ability to manage, store and report data in a very easy and flexible way which lead to support the decision-making, programming, and projects’ monitoring processes in FAO country office in Syria.” —Ruba Khanji, Information Manager


The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) unites 149 member church bodies in 99 countries. LWF World Service is the humanitarian and development arm of the LWF, World Service is a widely recognized, international, faith-based organization present in 27 countries in Africa, Asia, Middle-East and Latin America, focusing on Livelihoods, Protection and Social Cohesion, and Quality Service.

LWF uses ActivityInfo as its global project tracking system and impact monitoring system, as well as project-level registration of beneficiaries and services.

“ActivityInfo has proven to be a rewarding experience. The system is not only simple and flexible but also lightweight, and their support team is highly proactive. Our Country Programs greatly appreciate these qualities, and after just a few days of training, they feel empowered to manage complex data seamlessly from start to finish.” — Fanor Camacho, Global Coordinator for Data Management

Light for the World is an international disability and development NGO working in 20 countries, dedicated to the restoration of eyesight, prevention of blindness, rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, inclusive education and promotion of their human rights.

‟Although it was initially intended to be used as an M&E and data management tool just for the MERLA department at the Light for the World headquarters in Vienna, ActivityInfo soon became a tool of choice for many country offices which started creating databases in the platform to manage data related to daily reporting. As country offices can independently create databases and work on them, the use of the platform expanded from global reporting to monitoring activities within countries. Additionally, we managed to use ActivityInfo for monitoring of qualitative outcomes of systems change activities.” — Klaus Minihuber, Head of Effectiveness and Knowledge Management

Case study
Beyond data collection - Light for the World goes a step further with an information system that supports learning and adapting and monitors systems change at the global level

JA Europe is the largest and leading organisation in Europe dedicated to inspire and prepare young people to succeed. For over 100 years, JA Worldwide has delivered hands-on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial health. In the last school year, the JA Europe network provided over 6.6 million learning experiences for youth in online, in person and blended formats.

‟JA Europe has been using ActivityInfo to track the progress of our projects, improve reporting processes and collaboration with our network Member Nations. The platform has helped us to streamline our data collection, monitor progress, and report to our stakeholders more efficiently. Overall, JA Europe has found to be an effective tool for managing our projects and collaborating with our network.” — Bojan Pavlovic Senior Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager


The Fundación Lunita Lunera (FULULU) is an Ecuadorian civil society organization that works to reduce the gaps that generate exclusion, such as those related to gender, differences between generations, physical characteristics, ethnic-cultural differences, social classes and environmental aggression atmosphere.

“We have used ActivityInfo in a versatile and efficient way for various purposes, including activity reporting, participant registration forms, and surveys. We have also taken advantage of the software to carry out mapping of actors and services, as well as to systematize workshops and focus groups. In addition, thanks to the mobile application, we have carried out georeferencing activities in places without Internet access, which optimized the collection of information in the field. Ultimately, ActivityInfo gave us the security to store verifiables in a timely manner.” — Daniele Bertaso, Dpto. Formulación, M&E, Fundación Lunita Lunera

UNRWA is a United Nations agency established by the General Assembly in 1949 and is mandated to provide assistance and protection to a population of some 5.5 million registered Palestine refugees. Its mission is to help Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank, and the Gaza Strip to achieve their full potential in human development, pending a just solution to their plight. UNRWA’s services encompass education, health care, relief and social services, camp infrastructure and improvement, microfinance, and emergency assistance.

UNRWA has been using ActivityInfo as a protection information management system for case management and referral of protection cases in Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. Case workers use ActivityInfo daily to ensure that violations of the human rights of Palestinian refugees are clearly documented and those affected receive the services they need.

“Activityinfo has helped the field team to track, manage and analyze data related to protection activities such as Legal Aid, MHPSS, protections incidents, CP, GBV cases and Advocacy and coordination in addition for ad hoc assessments during emergency responses.” — Elly Mulaha, UNRWA


Médicos del Mundo works to make the right to health effective for all people, especially for vulnerable populations, through projects in Spain and in 19 countries in America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Médicos del Mundo uses ActivityInfo for:

  1. Case management: Both in the programmes in Spain and in Latin America, we are attending rights-holders, providing them with health, social and psychological care, among others. We are also tracking the activities carried out in our projects by registering participants and evaluating their performance (i.e., in case of trainings).
  2. Conducting studies: Both project baselines and needs assessments, or simply specific surveys to measure certain indicators, are carried out with ActivityInfo in several countries.
  3. Project management: and indicator reporting: ActivityInfo is a widely used tool to create databases for our current projects to report their indicators, which in turn are linked to the indicators of our strategic plan.

“We are very satisfied with ActivityInfo and, although we have not yet explored its full potential, we are eager to continue to work with it and see the application evolve with the introduction of new features that will help us with data management and analysis” — Emanuele Lini, MEAL Advisor, International Program Department

Case study
Towards a new paradigm for MEAL for health data

People in Peril (former People in Need, Slovak Republic) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation which aims to provide direct support to those who need it most. Their mission is to effectively help people suffering from the consequences of war conflicts, natural disasters and authoritarian regimes. Through educational activities and work in excluded communities in Slovakia and abroad, they contribute to building more open, tolerant and inclusive society.

“Our team has been using the platform for one year already. For us, it is more than just a tool for collecting data. It helps us keep in touch with beneficiaries and other NGOs. We also use it for easier and more efficient reporting. Thanks to its functionality, the platform allows us to reduce time for data calculation. We have successfully used ActivityInfo for needs assessments of our beneficiaries. Most of NGOs report through the platform to Cluster, so we can cooperate in a more productive way. The interface is user-friendly and efficient, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for users.” — Valeriia Kushnir, M&E Assistant, Mission in Ukraine

The Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH) is a local non-profit, non-partisan Lebanese human rights organization based in Beirut created in 2006 by the Franco-Lebanese Movement SOLIDA (Support for Lebanese Detained Arbitrarily), which had been active since 1996 in the struggle against arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, torture, and the impunity of those perpetrating gross human rights violations.

The Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH) uses ActivityInfo for a variety of reasons. On one hand, ActivityInfo is used to collect data from service providers on a preset template using forms which hinders data errors and facilitates data cleaning. On the other hand, ActivityInfo is used to monitor progress towards targets by analyzing data collected using pivot tables.

‟Overall, the use of Activity Info at CLDH has been satisfying and proved to be an asset when it comes to data management.” — Anthony Nakhle, DM&E Officer