KnK Japan

Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK, Children without Borders) is a non-governmental humanitarian association based in Tokyo, Japan that aims at supporting underprivileged children and youths in the world.

KnK Japan has been using ActivityInfo to monitor all project activities in the organization so as to improve efficiency and transparency. The organization uses the platform for household surveys, data verification, monitoring and analysis. Recently, the platform has been put in use to monitor the flood response project in Pakistan. Thanks to the platform and the mobile app, the organization replaced paper-based systems and integrated data from implementing partners in one place. This results in effective communication, coordination and monitoring or project activities which was a challenge before.

“We are very glad that ActivityInfo has made our work easier. In Pakistan, the M&E department is often a really small unit with one or two people working and mostly, we are busy collecting data from the field. Now, with ActivityInfo, we actually have time to look at the data, make decisions in a timely manner and improve our project.” — Salma Yaqoob, M&E Program Director