Connect to other software for more advanced analysis

Connect your ActivityInfo databases to Power BI and Tableau in minutes and create dynamic dashboards and visualizations.

Integrations for advanced capabilities

Connect to Power BI

Combine the power of ActivityInfo with Power BI quickly and easily and create your own Business Intelligence products.

Screenshot of a Power BI dashboard

Connect to Tableau

Integrate ActivityInfo with Tableau for comprehensive, dynamic dashboards.

Screenshot of a Tableau dashboard

Connect to ArcGIS

Integrate ActivityInfo with ArcGIS and create interactive, dynamic maps for your data.

Screenshot of an arcgis map

Other third-party systems

Connect to third-party systems with our RESTful API. Bring together results from finance systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and others to achieve a single overview of your mission.

Export and analyze data further using using JavaScript, R, Java, Python, and other languages.


Query and update ActivityInfo databases

ActivityInfo offers a JSON-based API that mostly follows RESTful principles, so you can either use your favorite REST client library to send and receive JSON, or you can use a client library for R for convenience. You can query records, add, edit or delete records, update the design of a form, add, edit and delete users and much more.

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