WeWorld is an independent organization working in development cooperation and humanitarian aid for over 50 years, active today in 27 countries. WeWorld works in 165 projects, reaching over 10 million direct beneficiaries and 54 million indirect beneficiaries.

WeWorld works in 27 countries, adapting its interventions to the needs of the beneficiary communities, in different contexts, in collaboration with partners and local authorities. The need to develop simple tools that are easily adaptable and shareable with our partners, as well as the need to interconnect all the data collected to be able to generate helpful information for project management, has led us to adopt Activity Info as a tool for collecting and managing information of different indole, from the management of protection cases to tracking students at risk of desertion, passing through monitoring activities or carrying out needs assessments.

“The "no code" or "low code" approach has allowed us to create ad hoc tools for projects in a very short time, according to the emerging needs in the countries, without investing in lengthy processes of building tools that are difficult to contextualise. The flexibility, the ease of access, the off-line use and the interconnection between databases make the tool very attractive for developing complex systems.” — Matteo Zagatti IT&MIS Unit Manager, WeWorld