IREX is a global development and education organization that implements programs that focus on civil society, education, gender, governance, leadership, media, technology, and youth.

IREX uses ActivityInfo to collect key indicators from projects in 30+ countries, simplifying information flow from the country office to HQ. In addition, the use of ActivityInfo is being expanded to provide projects with a robust project-level data collection system that integrates seamlessly with the global results framework.

“We settled on ActivityInfo for our information management system after researching several options. Two important criteria we were using to assess our options included ease of use –we didn’t want it to require coding experience– and wide applicability for different users and use cases. What has been most exciting about the adoption of ActivityInfo is how programs are learning on their own how to adapt it for their needs or to integrate it with other tools and then teaching us something new!” — Charles Guedenet, Senior Technical Advisor for MEL at IREX.