The AVSI Foundation

The AVSI Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization born in Cesena, Italy in 1972, and engaged in more than 200 development cooperation projects in 38 countries.

In the AVSI Foundation, several country offices are using ActivityInfo for their monitoring and evaluation activities. The M&E teams track key indicators for multiple projects, from project outputs all the way up to the strategic goals of the country programmes and use ActivityInfo to centralize reporting and measure progress towards them. This is a cost-effective alternative to the multiple different systems used by the different projects. It can reduce the cost and the time spent in designing and maintaining multiple separate systems to support information management at the project level.

“The beauty with ActivityInfo is that it is really simplified, to the point that you don’t need any technical capacity to be able to understand it. When we saw that the system was user-friendly and easy to use, and that so many different projects were reporting in it, it kind of related to our vision for setting up a MIS system for the AVSI Foundation in Uganda that would accommodate all project activities.” — John Paul Nyeko, M&E advisor, Uganda

“Our main cash modality in Lebanon is cash for work (conditional, unrestricted). Adopting ActivityInfo for the monitoring of the cash helped us overcome many operational challenges: we now have a real-time monitoring of the field activities, we significantly improved the data safety and protection, and drastically reduce payment delays.” — Filippo Porcari, MEAL Manager, Lebanon