Aga Khan Agency for Habitat

The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat addresses the threat of natural disasters, working with communities to create safe, sustainable and resilient habitats.

AKAH,A started using ActivityInfo in Afghanistan in 2019 to replace the former paper-based data collection system. Today, 80% of data collection, mostly related to hazard data across a wide geographic range, is managed via the platform. This was characterized as a paradigm shift within the agency. ActivityInfo saves time when dealing with hazard vulnerability risk assessment data which is crucial as geologists, social mobilizers and engineers across all the provinces can provide real-time data to the data processing units within the management department to enable quick decision-making. ActivityInfo was also used for the country-wide COVID-19 Response.

“Everybody saw the value of ActivityInfo and how it serves as an amazing data warehouse and an integrated data management function that links all strategic partners to one platform.” — Shodmon Hojibekov, Chief Executive Officer