Fundación Lunita Lunera

The Fundación Lunita Lunera (FULULU) is an Ecuadorian civil society organization that works to reduce the gaps that generate exclusion, such as those related to gender, differences between generations, physical characteristics, ethnic-cultural differences, social classes and environmental aggression atmosphere.

“We have used ActivityInfo in a versatile and efficient way for various purposes, including activity reporting, participant registration forms, and surveys. We have also taken advantage of the software to carry out mapping of actors and services, as well as to systematize workshops and focus groups. In addition, thanks to the mobile application, we have carried out georeferencing activities in places without Internet access, which optimized the collection of information in the field. Ultimately, ActivityInfo gave us the security to store verifiables in a timely manner.” — Daniele Bertaso, Dpto. Formulación, M&E, Fundación Lunita Lunera