Self-managed Server

Install ActivityInfo on premise on Windows or Linux, as well as in a customer-managed cloud account.

Run ActivityInfo on a network not accessible via the public internet, including air-gapped networks.

Complete control

Comply with regulations

Leverage ActivityInfo's capabilities on your own server or cloud account and conform to internal or external regulations.

Screenshot of the server settings interface
SaaS or Self-managed?

Deciding on which version to use

ActivityInfo SaaS

  • Managed by our team, runs on Google Cloud Platform, available over the public Internet.
  • Scalable to any number of users, any number of users, any number of forms, and up to 200,000 records per form.
  • Service Level Agreement with SLO of 99.5% availability.
  • Weekly automatic software updates.
  • Instant data recovery. Our team is responsible for backups and data durability.
  • Available via a subscription.

ActivityInfo Self-managed

  • Managed by your team, runs on a physical computer on premise or on a cloud account you manage. Can run on internal networks, incl. air-gapped networks.
  • Scale depends on your hardware. Limited to one physical server or virtual machine.
  • Your team is responsible for availability. Downtime required for upgrades and maintenance.
  • New features released quarterly.
  • Backups and data durability are part of your team's responsibilities. Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives depend on your disaster recovery strategy.
  • Available via a licence.
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Introduction to the Self-managed Server

Get started with the ActivityInfo Self-managed Server.

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Get started with the ActivityInfo Self-managed Server

Self-managed Server

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