Select the “Required” checkbox in the Form Designer.


Making a field required prevents a user from adding, updating or importing the record without providing a value for the field.

Required fields with relevance rules

A field can be both required, and have a relevance rule set. When the field is relevant, a value must be provided. When it is not relevant, it will not be required and must be blank.

Required subforms

When a subform is marked as required, ActivityInfo will prevent users from adding new record without adding at least one subrecord in the data entry form.

However, the required constraint for subforms is not enforced during import, as the importer does not support importing records and subrecords in a single action.

Data entry

Desktop data entry

If a user does not provide a value for a required field, they will receive an error message and will be prevented from saving the record:

Mobile data entry

During mobile data entry, if a user does not provide a vlaue for a required field, they will not be allowed to proceed to the next question.

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