Attachment fields store one or more files, which can include photos, signatures, documents, PDFs or any other type of file.


In the Form Designer, you add a field of type “Attachment.” You can further restrict the way a user can upload an attachment.

Upload types


When File upload is enabled, a user can “Browse” for a file from their local device. Any type of file is permitted.

The interface is similar on a mobile device:

Camera image

If you select “Camera Image”, then the user filling the form will be prompted to “Take photo” with their device’s
camera. On a laptop, this will open a file chooser and allow the user to select a file, but limit the select to images.

On a mobile device, this will open the device’s camera, and prompt the user to take a photo to attach to the field.


The signature upload type provides an interface to allow the respondent, or the interviewee, to directly draw their signature on the device during data collection.

The signature is saved as Portable Network Graphic (PNG) image and attached to the field.

Viewing attachments

Attachments can be found in the Record Details pane in the form page. You can download the attachment by clicking on the file name.


ActivityInfo imposes a few limits on attachments.

  • The maximum size of a single attachment is 10 MB.
  • Users can add a maximum of 20 attachments per attachment field

There are no overall limits on the total storage of attachments across a form, database, or account.

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