The following section defines what a Subform is in ActivityInfo.

ActivityInfo has a very flexible Form Designer which allows you to create a variety of structures to fit the reporting needs of your organization. The way you design this structure depends on what the objectives are.

In ActivityInfo, a Subform is a Form within a Form.

Subforms are included within a parent Form.

You can also add a Subform within a Subform.

You can add up to 30 Subforms in a Form. The maximum Subform depth level is 10.

Subform Data Model

A Subform can be used for example to allow you to collect data which needs to monitored over a period of time, or will occur multiple times.

It can also be used to group different types of information that you need to collect.

Setting Relevance Rule on a Subform

  • You can set relevance rules for Subforms like other fields in a parent form

  • You can also write a Formula for more advanced rules. View all the available Formulas and read more about writing an expression for a Formula.

  • If a Subform field satisfies the relevance rule, it becomes relevant and is displayed along with the records of the Subform.

  • If a Subform field does not satisfy the rule but has existing records, it remains visible.

  • If a Subform field does not satisfy the rule and has no existing records, it is hidden.

  • Users can set up relevance formulas for Subforms based on any field type, or multiple field types.

  • Records of Subforms are not automatically deleted when the Subform becomes irrelevant. But the records are marked as invalid

  • Be aware of warnings that may appear if a field referenced in a Subform's relevance rule is changed, potentially leading to data or record deletion.

  • Acknowledge warnings or revert to original values to proceed.

  • A warning may also display if a Subform field's relevance rule is not met and there are existing records of the Subform. Acknowledge this warning to continue.

Analyzing Subform Records

  • When analyzing data within a report, both relevant and irrelevant records of a Subform are visible.

  • ActivityInfo ensures all records and records of Subforms within the report scope is available for analysis.

  • ActivityInfo verifies user permissions to ensure that only authorized users can delete any records. To delete the records of a Subform that have become irrelevant,the user must agree to the deletion warning that is displayed. This prevents unintended data loss.

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