Opening a Collection link

A Collection link allows anyone who has this link to add a new Record to a Form without logging in to ActivityInfo. This section describes how to open a Collection link to a Form.

After designing a Form, you can open a Collection link for that Form and share it. This allows anyone who has the Collection link to add Records to the Form without logging in to ActivityInfo. When you close the Collection link, it will no longer be possible to add Records to the Form using that link.

However, if you re-open the link, the same URL will be valid, and those who previously received the URL will be able to add Records again. 

It is possible to open a Collection link for a Form that has Subforms but it is not possible to open a Collection link only for a Subform of a Form.

To be able to open a Collection link,  you need to have been assigned the 'Manage collection links' permission or to be the owner of the database. This permission is included in the Administrator roles of the Multi-partner reporting template and the Blank template.

The permission is not automatically added to Roles in Databases existing before May 17th, 2021 and you would need to update the Roles or the respective permissions for selected users.


  • If your Form links to a reference Form and its records, you need to change the visibility of the Reference Form to 'public visibility' so that the respondents can view the Records.
  • Offline data entry when accessing forms using a Collection link is not supported.
  • Uniqueness constraints of key fields are not enforced for submissions via collection links. Providing duplicate checking for collections links would expose collected data to unauthenticated users.

Learn everything you need about Collection links in our Webinar "Using collection links for online surveys and anonymous responses".