Collect harmonized data based on a common geographic reference

We provide and maintain as a service a common, built-in geographic database for all countries that includes all official administrative levels, from Provinces or Governorates down to Aires de Santé, villages or requested locations.

Ensure quality in geo data

Ensure the data collected for specific locations will always be harmonized. Avoid duplicates or outdated lists of geographic locations or mistakes due to typos and misspelled words.

Screenshot of georeferencing geodatabase in form design

Quickly display and compare data using maps

Display data on maps and ensure that data across your organization can be effortlessly compared geographically thanks to a common geographic reference database.

Screenshot of map view

Cascading lists

Create cascading lists to guide users entering data for locations from the highest to the lowest administrative level.

Global database

Quickly access a global geographic database including all countries and collect data for offices around the world.


Mapping for everyone!

ActivityInfo's powerful mapping tool gives everyone access to the benefits of a sophisticated Geographic Information System, without the need for extensive training.

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