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Using maps to plan interventions

In this article, we explore how you can use ActivityInfo and maps to assess sites and plan an intervention before going out in the field. Such an exercise can provide you with insights about the situation in the field. For example, you can investigate whether a site can be easily accessed thanks to existing infrastructure using a Street and a Satellite basemap or check if it is located in an urban area or in a less densely populated location using a Population Density Map.

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Creating an inventory of qualitative content in an ActivityInfo database

In this guide, we take a look at how you can create a form to host an indexable inventory for your qualitative content in ActivityInfo. You can create a database, a folder or a form to collect and store various qualitative data such as user stories, transcripts, images, recordings, case studies or any other resource that has to do with your research and activities. You can also design your form in such a way that all your content is indexed and easily found based on the criteria you select.

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A complete guide to data importing in ActivityInfo

No matter what your case is, you can always import large lists of indicators and other data to ActivityInfo and work with complete datasets using the importer in the platform. With this guide we want to share various tips and tricks to work fast and efficiently when importing your data.

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Creating map visualizations in minutes

Following the development of the Map View which allows you to quickly display all records of a form on a map, we are excited to announce that you can now create Map Reports to display data from multiple forms and databases on one map so that you can have a visual summary of your activities quicker.

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ActivityInfo 4.0: Powerful database and form design, advanced user management

We are excited to announce that the new Database Design, the Form Designer and the User Management of ActivityInfo 4.0 have been released. Following several months of hard work and frequent communication with our users, the latest ActivityInfo developments have been designed to make the work of thousands of humanitarians in areas such as Monitoring and Evaluation, Information Management and Case Management more straightforward and effective.

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