Monitoring and Evaluation software

Use a single monitoring and evaluation software to track key indicators, from project outputs to strategic impact.

Centralize and standardize data collection. Combine key indicators and track outputs. Analyze quality data and share the impact of your programmes.

How does ActivityInfo help your M&E activities?

One software for all your M&E data collection needs

Track activities & outputs

  • Use a no code relational database builder to create and change databases, forms and reports on your own, whenever needed.
  • Use validation and relevance rules for data quality.
  • Import and validate large volumes of legacy data quickly.
  • Display activities on maps for quick-decision making.
  • Lock changes once results have been reported to the donor.

Track beneficiaries’ progress

  • Work with a full offline copy in the field, using a tablet or other mobile device, and sync automatically back in the office.
  • Calculate key indicators directly from beneficiary-level data.
  • Support full case management when needed.
  • Keep data secure with advanced user permissions and roles.

Surveys to measure impact

  • Mobile data collection for field surveys.
  • Collection links simplify web-based surveys.
  • Align survey results with the rest of your programme’s data.
All your data in one place

Aggregate key indicators from project to global level

Track key indicators, from project outputs to strategic impact.

Centralize results from existing systems into a single ActivityInfo database.

Evaluate the impact of your activities at any level of your results framework with real-time quality data.

How is ActivityInfo different from other M&E software?

Flexible, cost effective with personalized support

Highly flexible and cost effective

  • ActivityInfo’s no code relational database builder enables non-technical users to customize the system to meet their specific needs.
  • Save time and resources with one system where every team member contributes based on the role you assign them.
  • Create reports with built-in tools or integrate with visualization software.

We are always next to you

  • Feel confident using the system every day with our team’s support.
  • Save time and leave software development, security and updates to us.
  • Access webinars, guides on key M&E, information management and data collection topics.
  • Stay updated with new features with trainings and courses designed for you.
Data security

Collaborate on a secure online system

Our company is ISO 27001 certified. This is the internationally recognized Information Security Management standard which requires that organizations assess information security risks, put in place robust security controls and processes, and embed information security management across the organization.

All data is securely hosted in Google’s world-class secure data centres, located in Europe. Google’s Cloud Platform, where ActivityInfo is hosted, meets the ISO 27001:2005, a comprehensive international security certification which is verified by an external auditor and checked regularly thereafter.

We have a ten-year track record of providing ActivityInfo as a service to thousands of users in 70+ countries with 99.95% availability. We know your programme depends on its information system, and we're standing by to make sure it works for you.

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Monitoring and Evaluation at global level for over 25 projects with a common MIS platform

Using ActivityInfo
2021 — Today
Reasons for choosing ActivityInfo
  • Mobile data collection integrated with MIS system
  • Data integrity, data quality, data audit
  • Relational database model
  • Aggregating data from different projects to corporate level
  • Flexibility
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“ActivityInfo was one of the few platforms that provided the relational database schema, easy traceability and navigation of raw data for internal and external data quality audits, and allowed for customization of database forms and fields as well as a range of user permissions. It really is unique in this sense.”

Dr. Jennifer Himmelstein Director of Corporate Analysis, ACDI/VOCA

A centralized Management Information System (MIS) for country programmes monitoring

AVSI Foundation
Using ActivityInfo
2020 — Today
Reasons for choosing ActivityInfo
  • Easy M&E database design
  • Simplified data entry storage and analysis
  • Cost-effective aggregation of all data levels
  • Mobile data collection
  • Flexibility
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“The beauty with ActivityInfo is that it is really simplified, to the point that you don’t need any technical capacity to be able to understand it. So even a training of two hours or maybe even less is enough for people to learn how to enter data.”

John Paul Nyeko, Monitoring and Evaluation advisor, AVSI Foundation
Monitoring & Evaluation

News & Stories

Creating an inventory of qualitative content in an ActivityInfo database

In this guide, we take a look at how you can create a form to host an indexable inventory for your qualitative content in ActivityInfo. You can create a database, a folder or a form to collect and store various qualitative data such as user stories, transcripts, images, recordings, case studies or any other resource that has to do with your research and activities. You can also design your form in such a way that all your content is indexed and easily found based on the criteria you select.

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An introduction to participatory monitoring and evaluation: the missing link between inquiry and impact

In this article, we are looking at participatory M&E more closely. We will see how it challenges us to think differently about power, knowledge, and the role of practitioners and affected populations in M&E. We will also consider when we might use participatory approaches in the M&E cycle. We will explore participatory M&E in terms of its benefits and its relationship to human rights, and look at some of the challenges we might face in using participatory approaches.

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How localized tools assist monitoring and evaluation and data collection activities: ActivityInfo in Burmese

Following the translation of ActivityInfo in Burmese (Myanmar language), we spoke with Ms Swe Swe Aye, a certified ActivityInfo Partner, who led the translation project and we discussed the importance of translating tools to a local language and how user-friendly localized platforms, such as ActivityInfo, can help NGOs in Myanmar and around the world improve their monitoring and evaluation processes.

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ActivityInfo as your Monitoring and Evaluation software

Having a monitoring and evaluation software in place is becoming an important component, if not a prerequisite, for the success of a project or a programme. The work of a monitoring and evaluation officer is simplified when an online system is used to centralize and standardize indicators and data colllection processes. In ActivityInfo, we provide database templates that can be adapted to your needs quickly and easily whether you plan to monitor programmes within your organization or you intend to cooperate with other partner organizations.

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