Indicators Tracking with Global M&E database template

When managing many projects, it may be practical to collect only the key indicators you wish to track for each project on a regular basis, rather than trying to integrate all the raw project data into a single information system.

This template includes a Projects form that allows you to add projects, the logical framework for each project, and then collect monthly updates on indicators from each project. Thus, allowing you to create a tracking indicators system.

After you copy this template, you can customize the database, forms and fields as well as add records to meet your needs. Click on the button below to add the database to your ActivityInfo account. If you don’t have an account with ActivityInfo, you will be prompted to start a Free trial.

Create your own database based on this template

Learn more about the Global M&E database template and practice with us in our Webinar "Using the Global M&E database template in ActivityInfo".

If you need support for a different setup you can always contact us and we can help you with a more tailored approach.

Customize the reference data

In the "Reference data" folder you will find all the reference forms such as Country, Partner and Strategic indicators. You can add or modify the existing records here individually, or delete all records (Shift+Click) and then import your own lists.

You can also change the reference forms by clicking on "Form settings".

Customize the Projects form

You can optionally customize the Project form to reflect your needs. The form links to the Country reference form to help you quickly find a country from a list during data entry.

It also uses Subforms to help you collect additional information about each project such as the logframe, monthly reports, information about monitoring visits and other key documents.

Form design: Project form
Form design: Project form

Invite your team

Navigate to "Database settings" and then "User management". You can click "Add user" to invite a team member to access the database. This template is configured with three roles:

  • Administrator: can make any change to the database, including customizing the forms
  • M&E Specialist: can make any change to the database, including customizing the forms
  • Data entry: can only view, edit, delete and export data

You can easily edit the roles to meet the needs of your team. Click on a role and then click on 'Edit permissions' to open the list of available permissions. Select the ones you want to keep and click on 'Save'.

Add data about your projects

Navigate to the 'Projects' form and click on add record to add a new Project. You can also modify records here individually, or delete all records (Shift+Click) and then import your own lists.

Table View: Projects
Table View: Projects

To add your logical or results framework, select your project from the list and open the subform 'Logical Framework'. Then click on 'Add record' to start designing it. You can also add the indicators that you wish to track which are related to each impact or outcome or output.

Designing the Logframe
Designing the Logframe

Adding indicators to the Logframe
Adding indicators to the Logframe

View your projects

As you start working on the project form, you will see new records appearing in the Table View. You can filter and sort these records based on your preferences to work faster.

Another option you have is to use the Map View to view all of your projects on a Map.