Delete multiple Records

The following section describes the steps for deleting multiple Records that have been added to a Form. This way you delete all information associated with the selected Records. You might want to do so when records are incorrect, corrupt or duplicate.

A user needs to have the 'Bulk record delete' permission as well as the 'Delete record' permission to be able to delete multiple Records.

How to Delete Multiple Records

  • Navigate to the Table View page of your Form.
  • Click on the first Record you want to delete. To select a group of Records placed the one below the other, hold down the SHIFT button (Windows and Mac) to select them. To select various Records shown on the Table View, hold down the Control button (Windows) or the Command button (Mac) and click on every Record you wish to delete.
  • Click on the "Delete all records" button on the Record side panel.

You can Sort or Filter the Records to narrow down the list and find the Records you wish to delete.

  • On the warning message, click on "OK" to confirm the deletion of the Records.

  • The Records have been deleted.

You can recover deleted Records.

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