View Records on a Map

This section describes the steps for viewing the Records added by users to a Form or Subform displayed on a Map according to their Geographic Point or Geo Area. This allows you to have an overview of the added Records at a glance.

When your Form or Subform contains geographic information, it is possible to view the Records added to the Form or Subform on a map.

To access the Map View page, the Form must contain at least one Geography source. Geography sources are Geographic Point fields or a Geographic Areas which can be added when you add a reference field and reference the built-in Geodatabase of ActivityInfo.

If you have applied a filter while viewing Records on Table View,  then you will only view the filtered records on the Map View. From the Map View, you can clear the current filter to show all Records.  You can change the filter or add a new filter via the Table View Page.

How to view Records on the Map View page

  • Navigate to the Table View page of the Form.
  • Optionally, select a Record to view its position on the map or directly click on "Map" to navigate to the Map View page and view all Records.

 You can select or unselect multiple Records by holding down the CTRL or Command (Mac) key and clicking on each Record.

  • If many Records have the same or very similar geographic location, they will be clustered together. Zoom in the map to view individual Records or zoom out of the map to view the summary of the Records in clusters.
  • Click on a cluster of Records to view a list of selected Records  in the Record side panel. The Form’s Key fields will be used to label the selected records.
  • Alternatively, click a specific Record to open the Record side panel of the Record.

The selected Record(s) will be plotted as black dot(s) on the map.

  • If the Form includes both Geographic Points and Geo Areas, click on "Geography" and select which of the two you want to use in the display.
  • To change the Basemap type click on the Basemap menu and select the Basemap your prefer from the drop-down menu.

Return to the Table View page by clicking on "Return to table".