Filter Records

The following section describes the steps for filtering the Records that have been added to a Form or Subform using the Table View page. By filtering Records you can adjust the way in which you view the information collected, filter out specific data or narrow your view to particular Records.

Filter types

There are different types of filters available for each field type. The following table lists all available filters.

by blank
Selects all records where the field is blank (i.e. no data has been entered).
On all field types.
by choice
Select records with the selected choice.
On single selection and multiple selection fields.
by text
Select records where the field contains the text entered in the filter. Note that the text filter is case-insensitive which means that a search for 'Bob' will also select records which contain 'bob'.
On single selection and multiple selection fields and on text and multi-line text fields.
Also on  week, fortnight, and month fields.
by date
Selects records where the field is within the date range defined in the filter.
On date fields.

How to Filter Records

  • Navigate to the Table View page of your Form or Subform.
  • Click on the icon next to the name of the column you want to use for the filtering, to reveal the filtering options.
  • Click on the filter you want to apply.

  • If needed, specify the type of filter. Depending on the type of the field, there are different types of filters available.

  • The filter has been applied.

To remove a filter click on "x", to remove all filters click on "Clear all filters".

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