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ActivityInfo is a service provided by BeDataDriven B.V., a private company based in The Hague in the Netherlands. We started ActivityInfo in 2009 and we are committed to providing a reliable and sustainable service for years to come.

Get help whenever needed

Personalized Technical Support

Our paid subscriptions include technical support by our dedicated and knowledgeable support staff. We offer support for one or more named "technical contacts" in our paid subscriptions. Technical contacts are the individuals who are entitled to contact BeDataDriven for help or to report problems.

Image of the ActivityInfo team

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the organizations that have a subscription with ActivityInfo that specifies our obligations and Terms of Service and clarifies issues such as data ownership and data security.

Features development

The development of ActivityInfo has always been driven by the needs of humanitarians in the field and we continue to work with our users to extend ActivityInfo and add new features to specification. New features become available to all users of ActivityInfo.

Consulting services

With more than 10 years experience in the humanitarian field we can assist you in developing a programme that follows the logic of your organisation. Consulting can be part of your subscription plan or planned separately.

External consultants for specialized cases

We partner with independent consultants to offer you a wider range of possibilities on what you can achieve with ActivityInfo. ActivityInfo Certified Partners are experts coming from various fields, equipped with the latest and more updated knowledge about ActivityInfo. They can offer their expertise in combination with ActivityInfo to help you build a system from scratch or improve your processes.

Train and practice with us

Educational support

We offer regular training courses for all user levels, customized training sessions and free webinars.

Training session in Beirut, Lebanon


We schedule webinars for new and experienced users about ActivityInfo in general or about specific features and updates in the application to help our users remain up-to-date all the time. Most webinars are recorded and become publicly available.

Customized Trainings

We offer customized training sessions for specific ActivityInfo aspects and use cases to meet particular organization needs and requirements.

Online courses

We host regular online and on-site training courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. The courses create expert ActivityInfo users, equipped to help their organization adopt the system and improve the information management or monitoring and evaluation efforts of their team.

Secure environment

ActivityInfo SaaS is built on a secure foundation

Having worked in the field we know what it is like to handle confidential and sensitive information and we take up the cause of protecting what the humanitarian organizations trust us with.

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