What every M&E specialist should know about data collection systems

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About the webinar

This Webinar is a one-hour session ideal for Monitoring and Evaluation professionals who want to start building a data collection system for their M&E activities but don’t know how and where to start.

We discuss the following key steps that can help you build a successful M&E data collection system:

  1. Understand the structure of your M&E programme.
  2. Create an indicators’ inventory based on your M&E plan.
  3. Think of the structure of the data collection system in relation to your M&E plan and team.
  4. Bring your M&E data collection system to life.
  5. Empower the data collection process.
  6. Monitor the data collection process.
  7. Evaluate your progress and build rapport by sharing results.

Learning outcomes:

  • Map the information flow in your organization and between various stakeholders.
  • Create an indicators' inventory based on your Logical Framework or Results Framework.
  • Understand how team structure can affect data collection.
  • Use specific ActivityInfo features to create a powerful online data collection system.
  • Ideas to empower coleagues working in data collection and reporting.
  • Monitor actions related to the data collection system.
  • Use built-in tools to share results and increase accountability and learning.

Further reading material.

Is this Webinar for me?

  • Are you a beginner in the monitoring and evaluation field trying to find a starting point?
  • Are you responsible for leading M&E in your organization, or is that a role you would like to take on?
  • Do you struggle to move from a Logical framework to a working system?
  • Are you interested in moving your paper-based, or Excel-based data collection system online?
  • Would you like to streamline data collection and reporting in your existing M&E system?

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