Best practices for inclusive Monitoring and Evaluation in data collection systems

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About the webinar

This Webinar is a one-hour session ideal for Monitoring and Evaluation professionals who are interested in inclusive M&E activities and data collection.

During the session, we discuss with the two speakers, Ms. Naomi Falkenburg and Mr. Alex Bertram, the following questions:

  • What is inclusion and how can we capture inclusion concerns in the baseline to support inclusion in practice?
  • What are inclusive indicators? Why would we use them, and how?
  • How does an information system actually help reach our goals of being more inclusive in our programming? Does it have a real impact for the people on the ground?
  • What are the risks of not disaggregating data?
  • What kind of categories of disaggregated data should we keep in mind, and how should we decide which to use?
  • What can we do when not all partners have breakdowns available?
  • How can an information system work with qualitative data as well as quantitative data?
  • What is the value of affected communities participating in M&E? How can we encourage participation? .

Please take a look at this Guide on inclusive M&E data collection systems for further reading. You can also access the French version of this Guide.

View the presentation slides of the webinar

Voir les diapositives de présentation du webinaire en français

Is this Webinar for me?

  • Are you an M&E practitioner interested in inclusion?
  • Are you responsible for leading M&E in your organization, or is that a role you would like to take on and you would like your practices to focus on inclusion?
  • Do you want to understand better the importance of disaggregated data in M&E data collection and how you can support the beneficiaries’ participation?

About the Speakers

Ms. Naomi Falkenburg is an independent consultant who works with humanitarian and development actors to design, manage and learn from their interventions and to conduct insightful research and analyses. Prior to becoming a consultant, Naomi worked at several UN agencies and international NGOs in West Africa, Europe, and East Asia, on themes such as gender equality, disability inclusion, migration and forced displacement, decent work and skills development for youth, and digital inclusion.

Mr. Alexander Bertram, Technical Director of BeDataDriven and founder of ActivityInfo, is a graduate of the American University's School of International Service and started his career in international assistance fifteen years ago working with IOM in Kunduz, Afghanistan and later worked as an Information Management officer with UNICEF in DR Congo. With UNICEF, frustrated with the time required to build data collection systems for each new programme, he worked on the team that developed ActivityInfo, a simplified platform for M&E data collection. In 2010, he left UNICEF to start BeDataDriven and develop ActivityInfo full time. Since then, he has worked with organizations in more than 50 countries to deploy ActivityInfo for monitoring & evaluation.

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