Get database tree

The database tree includes the key elements of a database, including:

  • The list of resources (folders, forms, and sub-forms)
  • The user roles defined for the database
  • The record locks in force

The tree includes only resources visible to the requesting user, along with the requesting user's permission grants for the database.

If the X-Translation header is set and a translation is available in the requested language, the resulting database tree will be translated.



Successful response


databaseId string This database's id required
userId string The id of the requesting user. The contents of the tree depends on the permissions of the requesting user. optional
version string The monotonically-increasing version of the database tree. The version number is incremented whenever a change is made that affects the database tree. required
label string This database's human-readable label. required
description string required
ownerRef object required
language string Current database language required
originalLanguage string Original database language optional
languages array[string] The languages that have been defined for this database translation. required
continuousTranslation boolean True if the database continuous automatic translation is enabled required
translationFromDbMemory boolean True if automatic translation from database memory is allowed for the database required
thirdPartyTranslation boolean True if third-party translation is allowed for the database required
suspended boolean True if this database is suspended for billing reasons required
role object The requesting user's assigned role in this database. required
roles array[object] The roles that have been defined for this database. required
securityCategories array[object] The security categories that have been defined for this database. required
resources array[object] The set of resources (folders, forms, and subforms) that belong to this database. required
locks array[object] The record locks that have been defined on this database. required
grants array[object] The permission grants that have been made to the requesting user for this database. required
billingAccountId integer required

Error responses

Status Code Error Code Description
401 AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED The request must be authenticated
403 FORBIDDEN Permission denied
404 NOT_FOUND The resource could not be found
410 DELETED The resource has been deleted


curl -u anything:YOUR_API_TOKEN \
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