Delete database user

Deletes a user from the database. They will be notified that their access has been revoked, and they will no longer be able to access the database.




Status Code Error Code Description
200 OK The user was successfully deleted from the database
400 DATABASE_DELETED The database was deleted and no longer exists.
400 DATABASE_NOT_FOUND A database with this id could not be found.
400 OWNER The owner of the database cannot be deleted from the database.
400 USER_NOT_FOUND A user with this id could not be found in the database.
401 AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED The request must be authenticated
403 DELETED_USERS_PERMISSION_SUPERIOR The user with this id has permissions superior to yours and so you may not delete the user.
403 MANAGE_USER_PERMISSION_MISSING You do not have the permission to manage users in this database.


curl -X DELETE -u anything:YOUR_API_TOKEN \
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