Get billing account domains

Gets the list of email domains owned by a billing account.



Successful response


domain string The email domain. (for example, "") required
idp string The Identity Provider (IdP) that is linked to this email domain, if any. If present, user accounts with this email domain must authenticate with this IdP. optional
deliveryStatus string Status of email delivery to this domain.Values:
We have successfully sent email to this domain in the past.
We have never tried to send email to this domain or have no record of past attempts.
userCount integer The number of user accounts within this domain. Note that this count includes all user accounts associated with this email domain, even if they have not been invited to a database owned by this billing account. required

Error responses

Status Code Error Code Description
401 AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED The request must be authenticated
403 FORBIDDEN Permission denied
404 NOT_FOUND The resource could not be found
410 DELETED The resource has been deleted


curl -u anything:YOUR_API_TOKEN \
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