Duplicate form

Duplicates a form. The duplicated form, and any subforms, are added to the same folder in the database as the original.

The form's records are not duplicated, only the structure.


POST https://www.activityinfo.org/resources/databases/{databaseId}/forms/{formId}/duplicate

Successful response


database object required
forms array[object] required

Error responses

Status Code Error Code Description
400 DATABASE_NOT_FOUND The database could not be found.
400 FORM_NOT_FOUND The form to duplicate could not be found.
401 AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED The request must be authenticated
403 PERMISSION_DENIED The authenticated user is missing the VIEW permission for the form, or does not have ADD_RESOURCE permission for the form's parent.
403 SUBFORMS_NOT_ALL_VISIBLE The authenticated user does not have permission to view all subforms of this forms.


curl -X POST https://www.activityinfo.org/resources/databases/ck8oykh8m5/forms/ck8pu9ha07/duplicate \
  -u anything:APITOKEN
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