Get billing account databases

Gets the list of databases owned by a billing account.



Successful response


databaseId string The globally-unique id of this database. required
label string The human-readable name of this database. required
description string A longer, optional description for this database. required
owner object The id of the user who owns this database. required
formCount integer The current number of forms in the database. Updated daily. required
userCount integer The total number of users invited to this database, including the database owner. required
basicUserCount integer The total number of users invited to this database who require only a basic user license. required
recordCount integer The total number of records in all forms. Updated daily. required
lastRecordUpdate local_date The date of the last update to the database. optional
billingAccountId integer The id of the billing account to which this database belongs required
suspended boolean True if this database belongs to a billing account that has been suspended. required
publishedTemplate boolean True if this database has been published as a template. required

Error responses

Status Code Error Code Description
401 AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED The request must be authenticated
403 FORBIDDEN Permission denied
404 NOT_FOUND The resource could not be found
410 DELETED The resource has been deleted


curl -u anything:YOUR_API_TOKEN \
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