Relevance rules

Sometimes when users add Records they might not need to reply to all the questions of the Form.  With this property you can customise when a field will appear in the Data Entry page. You can define under which conditions (rules) the field should appear to the user. This way you can save time and avoid confusion for users adding Records who don't need to fill in specific fields.

You can define various Relevance rules to customise when a field will appear. You can also write a Formula to define a more advanced rule.

The maximum number of Relevance rules that can be added to a field is 10.

Relevance Rules on Subforms

  • If a relevance rule is set on a Subform field, the relevance condition will apply to all the records added to the Subform
  • It is possible for a Subform field and any records added to the Subform to be rendered irrelevant by a change in the relevance rule set on the Subform field or in the value of a field on which the relevance rule is based
  • If a Subform field has been rendered irrelevant, any records added to the Subform will be flagged in data entry and table view as irrelevant
  • Navigating to the irrelevant records (editing the parent record) will not let the user save any changes 
  • An acknowledgment message will be displayed. The message will state that the records of a Subform  will be deleted as they are irrelevant. 
  • To delete the records of the Subform, click “I understand”. 

The records of the Subform will be deleted

The Subform with the current relevance rules will remain intact, and the Subform field in the table view of the parent form will be empty.