Calculated field

Calculated fields are powerful fields. With Calculated fields you can automate calculations in your Form. This way when users fill in the Quantity fields for example you will automatically get the results of the calculations you have defined via the Calculated fields.

You can also use a variety of other Formulas with other types of fields in the Formula Editor of the Calculated field. You can for example:

  • add, subtract, multiply and divide indicators
  • find the count, count distinct, average, median, max, min of indicators
  • search in text values
  • concatenate (merge) text values
  • use date functions
  • use logical functions
  • use geographic functions
  • and many more

Take a look at all the available Formulas in the Formulas Manual.

The maximum length of a calculated field formula is 1024 characters.

To make the Formula more readable and easy to use, make sure to add Codes to the fields you want to use.

Calculated fields don't appear in the Data Entry page to avoid confusing users adding Records. You can view the results of the calculated fields directly on the Table View of the Form or Subform