Adding a Geographic Point field

The following section describes how to add a Geographic Point field when designing a Form. The Geographic Point field allows users to add the Latitude and the Longitude of a location or capture their GPS location.

Geographic Point fields allows you to capture information related to geography. You can use Records of Forms that include such fields to display data on Map View and Map Reports.

Coordinates of latitude must specify a hemisphere (+/-/N/S).

Coordinates of longitude must specify a hemisphere (+/-/E/W).

How to add a Geographic Point field

  • In the Form Design page,  click on "Geographic Point" to select the field from the Fields palette.

Fill in the Properties of the Geographic Point field by providing:

  • Label: type the question or the label
  • Description: optionally provide a description
  • Code: optionally provide a code

In the Settings check the boxes you want to apply for the field.

  • Click on "Done" to add the field.
  • The Geographic Point field has been added to the Form.
  • When you finish adding fields, click on "Save" to save the Form.
  • Users will be able to add the coordinates in the Geographic Point field when they are adding Records by typing in the Latitude and Longitude. Alternatively, they can capture their location by clicking on "Use current GPS location".