Multiple Selection


In the form designer, you can add a multiple-select field and specify the options.

Each option is assigned a unique, immutable ID that is not visible in the form designer. The option’s ID is stored in a record, which means that if you rename an option in the Form Designer, the change will be reflected in all previously collected data.

Data entry

A multiple select field will displayed in the data entry form as a list of check boxes.




You can refer to single multiple fields in formulas in two ways:

First, a reference to the multiple-select field itself will evaluate to a comma-seperated list of the selected options' labels. So you can write formulas such as:

  • CONCAT(Name, " - ", Nationality) and it will evaluate to, for example, “Alex Bertram - Lebanese”, or “Alex Bertram - Palestinian, Jordanian”.

You can also use the “dot” notation to test whether a specific option is selected. For example:

  • Nationality.Palestinian will evaluate to TRUE if the “Palestinian” option has been selected.
  • Nationality.[Other nationality] will evaluate to TRUE if the “Other nationality” option has been selected. The brackets are required because symbols that includes spaces or other symbols must be “escaped” with brackets to avoid ambiguouity.

If you use the dot notation, with the option label as a symbol rather than a string, then ActivityInfo can automatically update your formulas if the option is later renamed or corrected.

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