Multi-line text

Multi-line text fields store one or more lines of text.

Data entry


Multi-Line text fields can be expanded in Data Entry by dragging the two lines in the corner of the box downwards. This provides more space for entering longer text.


The import supports multi-line text fields, including values with new lines.

Note that newlines are not always correctly captured when copying and pasting from spreadsheet programs into the importer. As a workaround, you can export the spreadsheet to a Comma Seperated Value (CSV) file. Open the CSV file ina text editor and copy and paste the text into the importer.


Multi-line text fields are limited to 65,536 characters. If you need to collect text longer than this, consider using an attachment field.

Multi-line text fields do not support formatting.

Multi-line text fields cannot be used as key fields.


The value of text fields can be manipulated by a number of formula functions including CONCAT , LEFT , MID , and RIGHT .

Language and character encoding

Multi-line text fields accept input in any language or script included in the Unicode standard, a text encoding standard maintained designed to support the use of text written in all of the world's major writing systems. Version 15.1 of the standard defines 149813 characters and 161 scripts used in various ordinary, literary, academic, and technical contexts.

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