Date fields store a year, month, and day in the Gregorian calander.

Date format

Because ActivityInfo is used by those coming from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, often all working together on the same team, we have chosen to use the international standard format for dates everywhere in the application, which is “YYYY-MM-DD”, regardless of the user’s language.

For example, May 31st, 2025 will always be formatted as “2025-05-31.”

Data entry

Although dates are always formatted in the format YYYY-MM-DD, the data entry interface will attempt to automatically detect a variety of alternate formats, such as “July 15th, 2023” or “15/7/23”.

Desktop data entry

In the desktop interface, the date field includes a drop down calendar that can be used to select a field.


When importing, we recommend first formatting your data in the unambigous YYYY-MM-DD format.


Date field values must between 1000-01-01 CE and 9999-12-31 CE.

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