Barcode fields store a single line of text, and provide a user interface to scan barcodes during data entry as an alternative to typing a code in directly.

Supported barcode types

Only ISO/IEC 23941:2022 compatible QR Codes are supported by the barcode scanner.

ActivityInfo does not generate QR codes itself. You can use our pre-printed QR code template or generate your own QR codes using many free, open source, or commercial tools, including:

Data entry

Scanning barcodes is not supported when using the ActivityInfo web app.

On the mobile interface, barcode fields include a “Scan barcode with camera” button:

Referencing forms with a barcode field

When you reference a form that has a barcode field, then ActivityInfo will also provide the option to scan a barcode to look up the related record, as an alternative to searching for the record using its key fields.

If the referenced form has more than one barcode field, only the first one will be used for lookup.

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