Deleting a user from a Database

This section describes how to delete a user from a Database.

When you delete a user from a Database, you revoke their access to it and the user loses the access they had to all the resources that belong to that Database (Folders, Forms, Subforms). If the user has been added to other Databases they will still have access to these Databases until they are deleted from these too.

Please note that when you delete a user from a Database you revoke the access they have to that Database and you do not delete their ActivityInfo account.

How to delete a user from a Database

  • On the Database List page, click on the Database from which you wish to delete a user.
  • Click on "Database settings" to open the Database Settings page.

  • Click on "User management" to open the User management section and find the user in the list of users.
  • Click on the user to select them and click on "Delete user" in the side panel to delete the user from the Database.
  • The user will receive an email to inform them that their access to the specific Database has been revoked. Note that such emails cannot be delivered to invalid email addresses.

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