Using categories on a Pivot Table Report

The following section describes how to manage the Records you see in a Pivot Table using Categories on your Dimensions so as to view a specific group of information.

How to view or hide specific categories in a Pivot Table

Navigate to the Pivot Table you want to work with.

Follow the steps for viewing a Report if you are not sure where to find the Pivot Table.

Hide Categories

  • Select the Category which you want to hide from the Pivot Table.
  • Right click on the cell that contains it and click on "Hide this category".

You can repeat this for as many Categories as you want.

  • The Categories you selected are hidden.

Unhide Categories

  • To see which categories have been hidden, click on the "Show hidden" button.

  • The hidden Categories will appear grayed out. To hide them again click on "Don't show hidden".

  • To unhide a specific Category, right click on the category you want and click on "Unhide this category".
  • To unhide all hidden Categories, right click on a cell and click on "Unhide all categories".
  • To show only one specific Category, right click on the Category you want and click on "Show only this category".

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