Moving a personal Report to a Database

You can move a Report which is part of your personal Reports to a Database so more users can view it. A personal Report is found in the Reports List when clicking on 'My reports'.

Be aware that contrary to personal Reports, a Report added to a Database can be accessed by users in that Database, depending on their permissions.

  • Users with the 'View records' permission will be able to view the Report, if the Report has been added to a Resource (e.g. folder, database) they have access to.

  • You can always move a report, either to another Database, Folder, or to "My reports" and to do so would require you have the "Delete form/folder/report" permission.

  • A Report that uses as a resource another Report cannot be saved in a Database; it can only be saved as personal Report.

  • A personal Report can include as a resource another personal Report or a Report that has been added into a Database.

  • For a user to be able to edit a Report, they are required to have the**"Edit forms, folders, and reports" permission** as well as full access to the Forms included in the Report or the Forms included in Report must have public visibility or must be published. The Report will not be editable, if visibility filters are on.

  • Do you include Forms from different Databases in your Report?

  • Then, you must have permission to include the respective Form(s). The Form (from the other database) must either be public, or you must have the Publish reports permission in that Database.


If you grant a user the 'Publish reports' permission for a Form, and they use that permission to include your Form in a Report in their Database, revoking that permission does not affect that Report. This is because the report is not owned by an individual but is part of a Database.

For this reason, the 'Publish reports'' is a very sensitive permission. You should only grant it to those whom you trust to exercise good judgment about who can see the data.

However, revoking the 'Publish reports' permission would prevent those without the permission from editing the Report and changing what parts of your Form are visible to others.

How to move a personal Report to a Database

  • Navigate to your Report, click on the arrow of the 'Saved' button and click on 'Save as a copy'.

  • Select the database and optionally the folder where you want to move the Report and click on 'Save report'.
  • You can now find the Report in the Database page or the Database Settings page of your Database.

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